kindleThe Amazon Kindle Fire is cheap. Very cheap. It features powerful hardware with tons of e-books and apps to take advantage of. And many of them are free!

Free kindle books are available in their app store which provides a portal for all users owning Amazon Kindle Fire tablets a way to gain access to the many e-books and apps that can be read and played in the tablet.

The tablet provides the perfect screen size to read e-books on the palm of your hand. I looked at their online catalog and there are indeed many e-books that can be downloaded for free. If you think about it, it is a win-win situation for the users because many well known e-books are given away for free.

New e-books are updated daily to let users have access to the latest published books, best-selling apps, movies, news and many more!

The possibilities are endless and these free e-books all the more makes getting an Amazon Kindle Fire more than worth it. The iPad is too big of a tablet to read on an e-book. But it does not mean it is not a good fit. I am just saying the Kindle Fire is a “better” fit when it comes to e-book reading.

I have not seen any good news with Yahoo! lately and the latest one is still negative. But as Yahoo announces its second round of layoffs in two months, Google is announcing that it will be embarking on a hiring spree this year.

In terms of staffing up, 2010 was the second largest year in terms of adding employees. Google hired more than 4,500 Googlers, primarily in engineering and sales. And in 2007, Google brought on more than 6,000 people.

Yahoo announced this morning that it would be giving pink slips to 1 percent of its employee base, which amounts to roughly 100 to 150 staff members.

I wonder what will happen to Yahoo 3 years from now. I do not want Yahoo Messenger to go away. I hope they can pick up their business on the right track soon. They have some good products that I do not want to be gone.

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