So you’ve seen posts in forums that show you how to fit all markers in Android’s map. However, you notice the top part gets cut off.

The solution is to set the top padding of the Google Map to the height of your marker Drawable.

Here is the code to have all markers shown in the map.

Now, to make sure all the markers get shown within the map, simply get the height of the Drawable and apply it to the map’s padding.

There is no way in the API to do this. However, Frode Johansen made a custom class that inherited Region and placed a WebView control inside it, then adjusting its height based on the document height after it has loaded its content by executing a Javascript one-liner code in order to retrieve the height value.

A very big thank you because considering that the Label control cannot display formatted HTML content, the only way to work around this limitation is to create a custom class of it. Luckily, he has saved us all the trouble of making one.

Here is the custom class.

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