Interfacing a foot pedal device using Java may look hard at first unless you have an idea which event in Java you need to interface it with. Luckily, my friend Junald already was able to sort out the logic behind making the foot pedal work with Java. And it all lay upon the keyboard events.

The foot pedal model I used is the Infinity IN-USB-1 Foot Pedal. It is a 7.5″ x 5.5″ x 1.5″ USB device that can be used to provide input to your PC using the foot. You can press the left, center or right pedals (or any combination of them) to provide input to your PC.

I have provided 3 source files: – instantiate the class to be able to make your foot pedal device work with your program – links keyboard events with the foot pedal device – this is your custom made user interface class where it contains buttons like rewind, forward and play/stop. I will not place the complete code in this class but only part of it that links the keyboard events to the buttons.

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