Well, here is the thing. Free sim cards are often offered by many if not all mobile providers today. However, it is worth nothing that some shops still get away with selling them for a price. No matter how cheap they say it is.

It happens everywhere and these telecommunication companies and shops overcharge us for something that should even be given for free. In the case of telecommunication companies, we use their services for a fee, those sim cards should be free.

You should take note on well known providers that do provide free sims and I recommend you check them out. UK Companies like Vodafone 02, T-mobile, Orange, Virgin Mobile, Tesco mobile, 3 or Three, ASDA mobile and Giffgaff provide free sim cards.

So, check out each of these companies and see which subscription package you like, then order online and your sim card will come for free. Now, isn’t that how it should be? Unlike those others that still try to fool subscribers just to make an extra buck.

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