A quick glance from the name itself can be mistaken for a PHP resource site. You know, that server side programming language that many developers use. Upon visiting PHPRiot I found out that it actually is also a resource site but that of software downloads and such.

phpriot is literally filled with different kinds of software of various categories like anti-virus, browser, utilities, videos and many others. There are freeware and even full versions available too so there is a big chance that the software you are looking for can be found here.

To sum it up, PHPRiot protects and guarantees security in the collection and processing of the data that is affected through this site as well as the strict compliance with the current policy with regards to data protection. The following paragraphs inform about our procedures of data collection and processing.

Majority, if not all of the software found in this portal is of the Microsoft Windows variety so this is a pretty good place to start when one is looking for certain or specific types of software. Just hit search to find out if it is available or not.

Or, if you wish to look at what is available just select which category you want to peruse the list.

PHPRiot gives users the chance to get software easily whether they are free or the full version variety.

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