User Narayan posted this helpful code for a TextField control in Java FX 2 to accept only numeric values.

Java FX is Sun Microsystem’s competing version to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA) rivalling Microsoft’s Silverlight and even Adobe’s Flex. I actually checked this out before I studied Adobe Flex and I sort of did not have a clear understanding on how to go about using Java FX since I don’t use an IDE to do coding. Because I did use an IDE when I studied Adobe Flex, I was able to grasp right away how make great use with these technologies. At least with the time I spent with Adobe Flex, I don’t have to start over with Java FX dealing with the basics. I can just go straight to programming.

You are not restricted to creating RIAs for browsers and/or desktops. Java FX also supports mobile devices with its Java FX Mobile technology. Since Java FX is built on the Java platform, it leverages the features and power that the Java platform provides. The same Java FX Application that runs in the browser can run in the desktop with no coding changes needed. They’re even planning a Java FX TV, for running Java FX Applications in the TV platform (by 2010). I’ll be posting source codes about any Java FX related application I’ll be doing for test studies. Oh and this time, I’ll also be using another IDE, NetBeans.

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