gamehouseI bet you know about the game Jewel Quest, Zuma’s Revenge and Luxor. Yes, these games, as simple as they are, have been a hit with people who love simple yet addicting games that do not hog your PC resources but still features great and awesome graphics and game play. Welcome to the world of

This Christmas, you can give your kid the perfect gift with Christmas themed games like Emily’s Holiday Season. Even kids below 10 years old love playing GameHouse’s games because of its simplicity. This is one of the main reasons that makes GameHouse one of the famous arcade game publishers today. Choose from a variety of your favorite categories including hidden object, puzzle, classic games and more!

There are games where you can buy them as stand alone games so you do not have to connect to the internet while there are also versions of such games wherein you can play them online. There are also games where you can download and install them to your PC without ever going to the store. The innovation of the internet has brought online games from game publishers like GameHouse for people of all ages to play … and enjoy!

Check out the vast list of games they have in their site.

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