Jewel Quest is the only game that I found to be unique when it comes to Bejeweled type of games. The game is pretty simple. When you make a match, the tiles where the gems are located turn to gold. Turn all tiles to gold and the level ends. As you go deeper into the game, the level requires you to match the tiles twice since the 1st match turns it to silver, then to gold.

The Jewel Quest 2 in 1 Treasure Pack contains 2 games: Jewel Quest 2 and Jewel Quest Deluxe. I had played Jewel Quest 2 before and I thought the Deluxe version is a complete new game. It has some parts where the level requires you to play against the game but other than that, the game play more or less is the same. The sad part is that the Deluxe version has less content, simpler levels and bad graphics quality.

In a way I would describe the title of this game as just Jewel Quest 2. The good side though is that you get to play more levels playing it. Plus the Deluxe version enables you to share your high scores with Facebook Connect.

Check out the following features you can expect when you play the game:

Embark on a journey uncovering Africa’s hidden mysteries
• More than 50 new addictive puzzles
• Unlock magic power ups!
• Smooth touch screen controls

• Experience an exotic adventure across India filled with new characters, twists and surprises
• Dozens of challenging levels
• 4 new gameplay modes
• Challenge 8 opponents in riveting battles. Try to out-wit them all!
• Share the fun and your highscores with Facebook Connect

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