Are you an iPhone user? Or are you an Android user? What are you doing while you are on the way to your home or work? What is the best thing to do on the subway or on the bus to kill the time? If your answer is playing games, you are absolutely correct.

You can see lots of people around you while you were on the way, playing games on their smart phones. But how do you choose your game to play? From your friends? Why don’t you choose your games by yourself? I know it’s too hard to find a nice game.

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Although many grown ups might not realise it, games aren’t just for kids anymore. With new technology opening new worlds of entertainment and modern takes on our classic board games released every year, there is more choice than ever when it comes to grown up gaming. Here is a quick guide to the best kinds of games out there that will keep any adult entertained for hours!

Computer games

Although many adults are gamers and enjoy spending a few hours on their favourite console games, when it comes to grown-up fun, why not try some of the great group games available? Many consoles now have accessories that allow you to play quiz games through your TV, focusing on sport, films, music or general knowledge. There are also movement games designed for more-able bodied gamers with bowling, tennis and even hula-hooping games available.

Online games

If you have a tablet or smart phone in particular, you can enjoy online gaming on the go. You can download apps that let you play games with your friends over the internet or with people across the
world. For those looking for some extra excitement, there are also some great online cash games available, where you can win super jackpots from the comfort of your own sofa.

Board games

Traditional and still one of the nation’s favourite kinds of games, board games have kept our families entertained for years. Dust off your old favourites such as Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, or get yourself on of the more modern varieties and get everyone together for a night of gaming fun. And, the best thing about board games is that they don’t require batteries or electricity, so even during a power cut, you can still have hours of fun together.


Whether you’re on your own or with a friend, puzzle games not only give you plenty of entertainment but they also keep your mind sharp and active. Play on a hand-held computer console or go old-fashioned with a puzzle book and get those mental juices flowing.

Teaming up with a loved one can be great fun for the tougher challenges, while spending a few hours alone on a puzzle can be a great way to de-stress.

Nostalgia games (aka games that are really for kids!)

Let’s face it; children’s games have a tendency to be a lot more fun than grown up games, so why should you miss out just because you’re an adult? Gather your friends together one night and enjoy a blast from the past with games such as Twister, Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Connect 4 and in no time at all you’ll be whisked back to your childhood.

Sharing these kinds of games with friends is a wonderful way to spend some quality time together and make the fun last all night, especially when accompanied by good food and a bottle or two of wine!

All games require skills. Yes, even those puzzle and logic kind of games. From a player’s physical skill like fast reflexes, reaction or dexterity to mental types like logic, strategic thinking and knowledge, these attributes can greatly affect how a player finishes the game.

Back when online games numbered a few, these days there are so many sites that offer skill games to everybody, free or paid. Most people opt for the free skill games since they are … well, free! For games that require payment to play and compete, there are financial rewards that can be won for players who finish the game.

I came across a site called Skill Games HQ that features hundreds of different skilled-based games and most of them are free to play. Games have evolved to the point that even simple ones have great looking graphics and sound effects plus offering numerous hours of addicting game play.

All of these run on Flash, so you have no problem there when it comes to requirements as the only thing needed is a browser. Then again, online users always user the browser for their Internet needs. What is nice about this portal is that your game playing will not go to waste. If you accomplish high scores on certain games, they will be published in their top scores section. I am sure you can say it is not a waste of effort and time.

Oh yeah, about these online games for money types, these are not at all related to gambling. One might think of online casinos right way but try checking their site and you will see different kinds of games not related to gambling.

Overall, I am impressed with this site. Such a collection of different skilled-type games ensures players that they won’t be stuck with just one game.

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