Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular and the huge selection of apps available offer a great choice of entertainment options. With Android being an open source system developers are releasing hundreds of games and taking more risks in their creativity and inventiveness as they can reach a wider audience internationally. Often these games are released for free as they want to attract players and get more people interested in what they are developing.

The selection of free gaming apps on offer is mind blowing and in many cases you can enjoy trial versions of popular games like Angry Birds at no cost. Only once you have exceeded your trial period are you required to purchase the app to play further, or you can simply move on to another free game. A major bonus of mobile gaming is the selection of free gaming opportunities, and instead of splashing out on pricey console games and accessories you can play state-of-the-art games on a multimedia mobile device.

Mobile casino games have become one of the most popular genres in hand held entertainment and the abundance of casinos offering realistic and authentic real money gaming is phenomenal. Following the success of online casino games, mobile casinos also offer generous incentive bonuses and a site like brings you great rewards, huge jackpots and fully optimized mobile games.

You can get the most out of mobile gaming by making use of the free apps and downloading games to your phone. By downloading the games you install them on your device and do not need an internet connection to play. Downloadable apps or browser based games have both been developed to be compatible with a range of devices, so always ensure that you have selected the correct versions for the software running on your smart phone or tablet.

The Google Play Store and Apple iStore and iTunes offer everything from puzzle games to role playing entertainment and many online sites have also optimised their games for play on mobile. The shift to mobile gaming seems to be growing rapidly and in order to get the most out of your experience you simply need to capitalise on the free entertainment on offer or seek out sites that offer bonuses and rewards for real money play.

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Now this, is taking virtual gaming to a whole new level through the use of smartphones! Yes, I have seen virtual gaming before in mall arcades but I have to go there and pay for it every time I want to play the game.

AppGear Elite CommandAR only requires you to use a gear shaped like a gun, attach your smartphone on it, run the app and start playing the game. You can play as many times as you want.

The game’s plot is pretty simple. Shoot enemies on sight in order to save the world as Earth nears total destruction by alien forces, and you as an elite space commander is tasked for a last-ditch mission to save the planet.

By using the AR markers, you can shoot and take out alien invaders sneaking into your world through a portal from another dimension. Augmented reality at its best!

Controls use a first-person viewpoint with pan and tilt function. Aim the pistol and pull its trigger to shoot enemies and targets in the game. Use secondary pistol buttons to raise your shield, change weapons, select special weapons and reload.

This game even supports multiplayer mode. Earn poitns to buy or upgrade guns and special weapons.

This is a game that will not wear out on you. It’s like if I get bored with the same location all the time, I can just go to another place and play the game. It would feel like the aliens are invading me in another place ;).

This is compatible with iOS and Android smart phones. Check it out!

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Majority of us go online these days and as such, security is now more important than ever. Even a tiny mistake can lead to something disastrous where your private information is leaked, misused and spread around.

Nobody wants that to happen. If you do, you are crazy.

TeleSign protects the world’s largest Internet and cloud properties against scams and fraud. Its intelligent authentication provides an easy to implement and powerful method for identifying and substantially reducing online fraud and spam using the most widely deployed technology, in today’s case a user’s smart phone.

Considering that implementing this protection is fairly easy to accomplish, I would say they really did a good job in letting us users especially those not technically inclined to be able to set their service up on our own.

This protection is notably important with regards to identity theft prevention. I for one do not want my identity stolen. Seen the movies? Life is hell when that happens. To protect yourself from having something like this happen to you, a little help is needed.

If you have second doubts about them, their accomplishments speak for their success. TeleSign is used across the world and in 2011, they ranked #15 on the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and was named Visionary in Gartner’s User Authentication Magic Quadrant.

Part of their success lie with their staff. TeleSign’s industry experts are trained on specific challenges, threats, compliance regulations and use cases for specific industries. Its client excellence teams assist customers by identifying issues, areas for improvement and how their technology fits into their overall security and risk strategy.

Look close. Stop fraud with intelligent authentication.

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