A security flaw in AT&T’s network exposed the e-mail addresses of more than 100,000 owners of Apple’s 3G iPad, according to a report published by Gawker today.

Calling it the “most exclusive e-mail list on the planet,” Gawker said the list of exposed owners included New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and other powerful figures in finance, media and politics.

The security hole was uncovered by Goatse Security, a group known among security experts as hackers who enjoy pulling Web pranks, Gawker reported. Still, the group previously has uncovered flaws in browsers Firefox and Safari, Gawker said.

Although AT&T has now patched this hole, these newly released products should have been thoroughly tested in the first place to ensure that an owner’s information is safe. This is why it is always a bad idea to buy newly released products. If those hackers’ intent was to really steal people’s information, AT&T would have been left with a huge gaping security hole in their system.

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