While this is still in its infancy, being in the conceptual design stage, after viewing the video I must say I am totally impressed. Nokia has come up with something unique and innovative.

But this is because Apple and Google did them in. If both these juggernauts did not implement the iOS and Android mobile operating systems, we would still be stuck with boring and redundant phones by the Finnish maker.

With this in mind, I think Microsoft may have a heavy hand in this considering the innovation they just created with the Kinect. The concept phone is a whole touchscreen that covers the entire surface of the device.

They call this the Nokia Gem. It changes its appearance depending upon on the function chosen by the user. As you can see in the video, all spaces are occupied. That is what I call maximized! There are even virtual buttons on the sides of the concept phone.

This phone shows a lot of promise and I am very excited and looking forward when this will be manufactured and sold to the market for us consumers to enjoy.

Photo from Digital Trends.

montezumaFirst things first. Before I go on describing what this game is all about, I want to give you one good advice. Read the HELP section first to understand how the game is played and what its tools (e.g. totems) can be used for.  I just finished the Treasures of Montezuma for iTouch game last night. Its game play is similar to that with Bejeweled but with a twist similar to that of Jewel Quest. You move gems vertically or horizontally and try to match 3 or more. The Jewel Quest twist here is that those games with a tiny gem inside them should be included in the match because for every level you are given a number of those kind of gems to be matched. There is a timer running so you would have to finish it before time runs out or else you would have to restart the level and try your luck again.

Of course,  as the game goes on and the more levels you get to play, your minimum number of these gems to match increases. Now how will you montezumaget to finish them in time right? Here is where its twist comes in. Treasures of Montezuma includes a neat feature wherein for every level (whether ordinary or special bonus level) you finish, you get to get a big gold star which you can use to upgrade a list of helpful tools to aid you in your game. Tools like totems that can increase time, blast other gems here and there, randomly paint gems into a different color and so forth. Just check the HELP section to know more details about it including how to activate a totem’s function. I thought the totems would just randomly  activate on its own in a specific set of time only to find out when I was almost near the end of the game (after reading the HELP section) that the totems can be activated if you match a set of gems at least twice. I always made sure I activated the orange totem as it gives you an additional minute to your time, thereby giving you more time to finish the level. If you get to match a different color, then the totem of that color will be ready for activation if you do a match of the same color again.

Overall this is a pretty neat game. The graphics is good I pretty much enjoyed playing this game. Also, I did find a little bug (not that I would call it a bug). If say, time is over and you did not finish the level, if you are not far off from finishing it, you can quit the game and run it again. You will find out that it goes back to the last level that you played and you can try to finish the game again. This can be tiring though but if you have the patience, go for it! Otherwise, just restart the level.

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