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From eBay To Their Own Store, Sticky Web Domains has come a long way. I think their new online store looks better than the one on eBay.

Although the store on eBay is still useful since it caters to an international audience, U.S. based customers can instead do their own shopping at SWD’s own store.

The Sticky Web Domains online shop features a bevy of tech items like video game consoles, iphones, iPads, ipod touchcomputers tablets & networking laptops & netbooks and many other gadgets and devices.

There also looks to be a lot of sale items which is advantageous to customers because any buyer will want to get as much discount as possible.

Check out the store. You will find purchasing an item is as easy as 1-2-3. Many of the items int he store are of the latest trend, like this apple ipad air 2 128gb, wi-fi, 9.7in – space gray (latest model).

So one can be sure that if they want to look find something for their love one, the latest items are also available!

Here is a short YouTube video that shows how the SWD store gives customers a hassle free and enjoyable online shopping experience.

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With Apple’s popularity there are bound to be fake products that are advertised in some sites. iTunes gift cards are no strangers to this. I have come across sites that advertises to people that they sell iTunes gift cards and in reality are fake.

Buy one from a legitimate site. Jerry Cards website offers instant delivery of legitimate US iTunes Gift Cards. What is most astonishing is that majority of their clients are from overseas where US iTunes gift cards are hard to get.

All gift cards are legitimate with no expiration! Use it anytime you want to. Jerry Cards also provides email instant delivery of digital scan of all iTunes gift cards. These gift cards come directly from US retail stores such as Best Buy, WalMart and other well known establishments.

Jerry Cards is the ultimate portal for people wanting to buy iTunes Gift Cards but cannot buy them in the iTunes store.

This post has nothing related to technology. It is Christmas after all so I want to great all readers and visitors a Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy the Holidays!

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