gold_miner_iconGolden Miner is created by Colorme Info Tech Co., Ltd. and features 99 levels of exciting gameplay. The goal if each level is to reach the target points required. Your total score will accumulate going to the next level but before that, after you accomplish each level, you will be led to a store that features 3 items:

Bomb – After you bought it, when you grab item, you can click the screen again to bomb the item.
Strength Water – After you bought it, in the next level, your strength and grabbing speed will increase. It only works in one level.
Lucky Clover – It will help you get good thing from the opportunity bag. It only works in one level.
You need to choose which item(s) to buy. Buying all of them might not help you get past the next level so buy only the item that you think may help you. The first few levels are fairly easy. As you go on, you will have added obstacles aside from rocks like moles holding on to diamonds. Diamonds are a big help in accomplishing your goal because they are worth 1,000 points while large gold rocks are worth 500 points each. Some items like the opportunity bag are worth something that depends if you buy a lucky clover. 

The graphics are great, the sound effects are good and the introduction music is cute. Every level, you will be given a 1 minute timer. If you do not meet your target goal, you will restart the level. This game is good. I would have wanted this one though to have modes to choose from. Some people may want to have an easy mode where the time is a bit longer. For people who love challenges, then this game is easily hands down definitely for you.

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