Well, the spiders are back alright. And they are now more menacing than before. In Greedy Spiders 2, new enemy spiders are smart while also having weapons on their own like turning webs into gold that cannot be cut.

However, you also have your own arsenal like tesla and spring trap. You can also use a disguise if your fly gets corned to fool the spiders into thinking it is one of their own kind. However, this really needs some good strategy to get 3 stars in as little moves and little props used as possible.

Some tools may not work against the smart spiders so plan moves carefully.

The game features an easy and hard difficulty mode that I obviously had to choose easy to be sure I can at least manage to clear the levels. It also have achievements based on actions and get to earn coins that can be used for hints if you clear a level that is worth more than 3-stars.

The main screen also has a Where’s My Water style into it where you can interact with can be seen and get to earn more coins.

There are also more levels than the prequel so this game is very worth it. Considering that the graphics, music and sound effects have been enhanced and look and sound better than the original, Greedy Spiders 2 is a must have app in any Android smart phone.

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