Not a day goes by that we don’t hear the same message, “we must act to save our planet and our species.” From the mere task and urgency at hand, most of us become overwhelmed by the responsibility and thus do nothing. Understanding this burden companies, organizations, and activists have created tools to help guide us towards the right path, make the right decisions, and take the right actions.

Some of these tools can be found right on our android tablets. They are easy to use, convenient and even fun. Let’s take a look at how we can protect our planet with our android tablets.

The CO2 Fit App

The CO2 Fit App is a tool that will help you monitor and track your transport CO2 emissions. Moreover, it also rewards you for taking sustainable, alternative means of transportation via a virtual green currency. Whether you drive, cycle, take public transport or walk, this tool can help you understand what you need to do to reduce your emission by presenting other greener options available. All you have to do is simply start the app before each trip, and it will track your speed, distance and give you your CO2 emissions value.

Eco Charger

Let’s consider this: every time you leave your phone or tablet plugged when it’s fully charged, you use about another 1 WATT of energy. If we take into consideration all the phones and tablets on our planet, and the number of times an individual may leave them plugged in after full charge, well, that a lot of energy wasted.  To help individuals take action and save energy, this app notifies you when your phone/tablet is fully charged. The app also comes in handy when you are traveling, or when your battery is overheating or is under an abnormally high voltage intake.


This app is not only good for our planet, but is also good for your health. All you have to do is download the app and use your device to scan the barcode of the product you are thinking about buying.  The GoodGuide app then immediately reveals the health, environmental, and social performance ratings of the product. You can scan foods, personal care products, and household cleaners and items. The app also offers safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives to your product thus guiding you towards a more conscious lifestyle and shopping.


JouleBug brings entertainment, fun, and competition to sustainable living. It is an application that rewards you for your sustainable choices. You can receive badges, pins, and points, every time you take the right action. Whether it’s bringing your own reusable bag, mug, or container, biking to your office, or recycling, JouleBug rewards you for doing the right thing. You can compete with your friends while saving money and reducing your carbon emissions.

Green Globe App

Love traveling, but you also worry about emissions? Now you can travel with sustainability in mind with this Green Global App. The app provides a list of sustainable hotels, attractions, tours and even cruise lines – as sustainable as those can be – so that you can enjoy some luxury without feeling guilty.


Oroeco is another application that tracks your carbon footprint. This app however, does not only track your transportation footprint, it also takes into consideration the goods you consume. The app breaks down your actions, what you buy, and what you consume, and provides you with your emissions number and impact on your planet. You can even compare your emissions number with those of your friends and neighbours.

This is just another way our Android tablets are helping us live a more satisfying life!

sauer energyThis is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sauer Energy for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

With the rising cost of just about everything and the effects of global warming, people look for ways to harness natural entities into reusable energy. One of these is wind power. While there are wind turbines operating in countries around the world, there is not much offered for residential purposes.

Sauer Energy gives residents that benefit with its wind charger. Through this consumers can save on electric bills. Why? Wind is free in the first place and with how technology has evolved, it is able to capture it efficiently and turn it into something useful.

This wind charger also comes with a 10 year warranty which is more than enough, even more than double the industry standard. With energy prices increasing more than ever, everybody is searching for a way to reduce and control costs.

Saur Enegery’s wind charger is of the vertical axis type which addresses a number of shortcomings compared to other models. These include noise pollution, minimum blade speed threshold, bird endangerment and space limitation, all while enhancing its advantages.

These days, it pays to go green.  We get to save up on costs plus we also get to help our environment. Check out below to see how it works.

Meet Joe… from Dieter Sauer on Vimeo.

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Green Is In. People are now more conscious than ever with regards to global warming. It seems that this is happening for the mere fact that everybody had witnessed devastation after devastation that had been wreaked.

It is kind of sad that most countries are acting just now after seeing the after effects. But I guess better late than never, right? That is why I salute companies like Round2 who are electronic recyclers. Round2 is a national provider of integrated and customizable recycling services offering vertically integrated solutions through global remarketing, electronics test and repair, product disassembly and commodity recycling.

And as far as I can tell, computer recycling is a very important service. Electronics thrown to rot can be harmful to the environment, and worse … to us. Hence it is critical that these be recycled instead of letting it idle in the wasteland.

Round2 focuses on delivering the most comprehensive and transparent solutions for handling electronic waste for clients. Through recycling, you can maximize economic yield and minimize environmental impact. Using closed loop solutions, clients will be able to turn end of life returns into a consistent revenue stream. Round2 serves commercial, industrial, municipal and governmental entities.

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