This is the only title that I can think of and I think it really suits it well. After more than 12 hours, I finally had this blog back to running.

I was surprised that a few days ago, I received a malware page warning from the browser when I surfed my site. I thought at first that maybe somehow my hosting provider messed things up and probably fixed it right away.

After 2 days when I decided to install some malware removal plugins for WordPress because Google still had not lifted the safe browsing warning, that was when problems started to surface.

There were malwares that got removed. However, after I used Bulletproof Security Plugin was the time my blog really went down.

I Googled to look for any solutions possible but the malware really persisted. I was left with no choice but to backup all data and painstakingly import the posts and related data to the new blog. It was a pain indeed.

Then when all was finally set and done, I noticed that the GetSocial plugin is giving me problems as well as WordFence so I removed those immediately. I went back with Digg Digg for social bookmarks in the meantime. This is a good plugin, just that it does not feature the toolbar in the home page.

I will have to clean my other blogs considering Sucuri found some threats even though Google has not blocked them. Better now than worry later. At least I know what to do.

So this is it … my blog reborn!

Again?! A recently discovered flaw in Internet Explorer could allow criminals to collect passwords and banking information. Microsoft is warning Windows users to be aware of the problem, with a manual work-around available, but there is no downloadable software fix available yet.

Users of Windows versions from XP to Windows 7 are at risk, Microsoft says.

Chester Wisniewski, of Sophos security software, noted on the company’s blog that there is “proof of concept code in the wild and it seems to be only a matter of time before we see criminals trying to exploit this flaw”.

If you are unsure of what to do, the best thing may be to switch to another Web browser for now, such as Firefox or Chrome. Then again … are there still that many who uses IE nowadays?

So it seems that the Nasdaq Stock Market had been hacked … again. Although the previous time it happened, it was back in 1999. The Wall Street Journal reported on its website late Friday that federal investigators are trying to identify the perpetrators and their motive. People familiar with the investigation say the exchange’s trading platform, the system which executes trades, was not compromised, according to the report.

A person involved in the Nasdaq investigation told the newspaper that so far the perpetrators appear to have just been looking around. Investigators have not yet been able to track the cyber break-ins to any specific individual or country, but people with knowledge of the case told the newspaper some evidence points to Russia. However, they point out that hackers could be just using Russia as a conduit.

But it is good to know that there was nothing that serious that happened or else … well .. you know what will happen if the Nasdaq Stock Market will be a mess. Perish the thought. I do not want to even think about it.

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