As simple as this game is, it is actually quite fun. Tintin does more. And you get to use Snowy too plus some other characters, pilot a plane, sword fight against pirates shoot a gun and more!

Plus I kind of like the fact that I think this game is really action packed in the sense that you have to pay attention all the time, even with the cutscenes because you can interact with the surroundings by collecting coins and puzzle pieces.

The game is a movie tie-in where you as TinTin and his dog at times, who are on a mission to solve the Secret of the Unicorn. The game features amazing 3D graphics and game play even though I think this is more catered to kids since it is not hard to finish it. The tricky part is in trying to collect all the coins and puzzle pieces.

Thank you Gameloft for another amazing game! Even though the overall file size for their games is always big, they are worth it.

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