A good place for ophthalmology hearing services is with Physicians Hearing Services Inc. (PHSI). Founded by two partners, PHSI exists for the sole purpose of catering to hearing aids for patients to help them with the problem and hearing programs for ophthalmologists and optometrists  vital for their patients.

Vision doctors should take advantage of PHSI’s free webinar that will put them on the fast track to success covering the implementation of hearing programs. In only a short period of time, anybody listening to the webinar will discover ways to providing hearing services such as hearing aids and hearing exams to patients.

PHSI will guide you through development of a systematic daily routine to deliver the message to your patients and follow the steps to identify patients with possible hearing loss problems and schedule them for complete hearing exams all under your physician’s supervision.

Think about it. Vision and hearing are our two most important senses. If one of those malfunction, it can impede you to function normally in your everyday life so it is vital that you must take good care of your eyes and ears and if some problem arises, consultation with the doctor is required. Why? Patients want to learn about hearing health options from their doctor, not hearing aid companies. PHSI grants this knowledge to trusted eye care physicians so their patients will truly get the information needed.

If in some case patients encounter problems like hearing loss, with today’s exceptionally sophisticated digital technology, they can help most patients. And with the advent of PHSI hearing programs, this is closer than you think. PHSI staff consists of professionals with high integrity and strong patient care skills to ensure that clients meet the needs and requirements that they seek.

This revolutionary business model allows vision specialists to add vital hearing services for their patients.

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