Researchers at the University of Arizona have developed technology that can transmit 3-D images in near real-time and say it may not be too long before holographic videoconferencing becomes a reality.

Just like Princess Leia made her “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi” plea as a hologram in the original Star Wars, they say we might be able to virtually attend conferences, participate in surgery, manufacture products and more.

But the researchers say they are aiming to do Star Wars even one better — instead of displaying miniaturized, monochromatic versions of the projected objects, they want to display images that are human-size, full-color and high-resolution.

Holograms are already used on driver’s licenses, consumer packaging, kids’ stickers and other products. Now, with that kind of hologram possible in the near future, that is what I am looking forward to. Great job guys!

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