When you include the $http variarble in your Interceptor function, you most likely will get a Circular Dependency error message in the Javascript console.

The solution is to use the $injector object instead since this holds the $http object. Do it like this:

Now, you should be able to use the $http object from within your Interceptor.

berner_leeHere is one tidbit that has me baffled. I read in some news that the forward slashes at the beginning of internet addresses (HTTP://) have long annoyed net users and now the man behind them has apologised for using them.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the World Wide Web, has confessed that the // in a web address were actually unnecessary, so he says. Why all the fuss? Users can just type in the domain URL without typing in http://, right?

He told the Times newspaper that he could easily have designed URLs not to have the forward slashes. He admitted that when he devised the web, almost 20 years ago, he had no idea that the forward slashes in every web address would cause “so much hassle”. Adding // would waste printing and paper but what the … those are just a few measly characters.

Frankly, this really does not have major effect. It is up to people to add http:// or not right? 😉

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