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When I first read about the hydration station, the very first thing that came to my mind was “finally! a great way to reuse plastic bottles rather than have them thrown to the trash”. Plastic bottles are not environmentally healthy. In fact, they are a hazard and with the hydration station, reduces single-use plastic bottles.

The Hydration Station is not just any kind of water dispenser. What makes this impressive is that it is touch-free. This unit is just perfect for office use, schools, gyms and just about anywhere where people can stay hydrated. Aside from effectively eliminating non-used plastic bottles, even big water jugs can be excluded.

So how does the Hydration Station create potable water? It has a refilling base that runs through a NSF-certified filter to remove microbes, dirt, chlorine taste and order and polishes water to make it safe and instantly dispenses it to any container.

Consider what you can save when you use the Hydration Station: money, water, maintenance costs and time. These savings are huge. Plus, you also get to help the environment in the process. Check out the site for more information.
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