Sad to say, there is no workaround if you insist on using ShareActionProvider. Sure, it would definitely look nice if the popup menu for various Share apps will be displayed just below the menu item.

Since there is really no way, the only solution left is to not use ShareActionProvider and use Intent.createChooser() instead.

The results are the same, except that the popup menu will appear at the center of the screen instead of below the menu item in the ActionBar.

And the most important thing is that your icon will look crisp rather than the blurry one.

Here is a sample code.

So you’ve seen posts in forums that show you how to fit all markers in Android’s map. However, you notice the top part gets cut off.

The solution is to set the top padding of the Google Map to the height of your marker Drawable.

Here is the code to have all markers shown in the map.

Now, to make sure all the markers get shown within the map, simply get the height of the Drawable and apply it to the map’s padding.

In your AndroidManifest.xml, you only need to add the following in the tag.

The stays as is.

Easy, right?

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