legoij1If you wish absolute invincibility when you play this game, here are the following codes that lets you gain the upgrades. These upgrades are what you would get whenever you get to place a red box in the mailbox and buy them off in one of the rooms at Barnett College.

Enter the following codes on the blackboard in the Math classroom at Barnett College.

Enter in the classroom on the chalk board.

legoijThis game from the same company that brought you Lego Star Wars is filled with puzzles, funny scenes of Indiana Jones characters from the first trilogy movies as lego characters. The game takes you to solving puzzles in all trilogy movies. I played Lego Star Wars before and the game play is a bit the same. You collect money to buy upgrades like Invincibility among others although with Indiana Jones, you need to look for a red box and place it in a red mailbox. Then you can buy that box’s upgrade with a certain amount. I enjoyed this game a lot better than Lego Star Wars because it does not include a stupid level wherein you would complete the whole movie story in an hour like in Lego Star Wars. At least with this game, you only need to collect 10 artifact parts which will combine into an artifact. If you collet quite a number of artifcats you can then have access to special levels like a Young Indiana Jones level.

You play with two characters in each level and can swap from one another. Once you finish a level, you can play it again with what they call “free play” wherein you have access to 8 characters and can switch between them at your will. This is pretty important since each character has different uses and you can only grab hold of buried treasure if you use a character with a shovel. Or, use an Indiana Jones character to swing from one platform to the next. The scenes are pretty hilarious and considering that they have no dialogue makes it all funnier. This game is a good deal. If you have watched all Indiana Jones movies, it can help how you play the game.

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