I never expected this day would come but it just did. Yes, I posted late about this but it was because I was busy during the holidays that I never got to run this app during my very long vacation.

When I learned about it, I thought they upgraded Installous to a new version. But I wondered why there were no updates inside Cydia. I knew something was up so I searched Google and found out to my dismay that Installous is discontinuing its service.


Too bad. Tsk.

I believed Apple had the edge because people especially noobs can easily install cracked games in their jailbroken iDevices without having to worry about looking for specific games. If it is a paid app in the App Store, then it is bound to be also inside Installous.

I did not mind those annoying captcha whenever I open up a download link, whether dead link or not. True. There may be other alternatives there like VShare but the user interface sucks.

Many users are definitely sad while anti-piracy advocates are happy. Who knows, maybe they were the cause of this shutdown.

RIP Installous. It was a good run while it lasted.

This is a problem that hounds most newbie iPhone and iTouch users and one that has kept me perturbed ever since I used Installous, the cracked AppStore. The problem happens whenever I download a file from FileApe. I kept surfing forum after forum to no avail. Even the suggestions posted by users in the forums did not work for me.

Until one fateful day ;). I happen to come across a post that said there is no problem with Installous. The problem lies with FileApe itself because the session expires too quickly. When I tried it, the guy was right. I had to keep my eye on the timer till the download link appears and I had to tap on it right away in order for the download to work.

Even for just a few seconds, the session will expire right away if you do not tap on the download click when it appears in that instant. The same thing may happen to MediaFire and MegaUpload although the session timeout of FileApe is worse. So you better keep an eye on the timer and the download link. It is only a few seconds anyway.

When I first jailbroke my iTouch, I had no problems with it until there were some games that I wanted wherein the only available options were from FileApe. Whenever I downloaded files from that site, it always snaps. Good thing Washokusan shared this solution.

Update Installous to the latest version available by adding this source in Cydia. If you already have Installous installed, remove it and download the latest version of Installous 4 from Mod Your Pod repo as shown below.

That is it! You should have no problems downloading from that site.

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