Some folks at the Hacker publication 2600 decided to compile a list of words that are restricted by Google Instant. Except in extreme and special cases, Google is known for anything but censorship but there are some terms the web giant’s new instant search feature won’t work with.

Which is quite understandable really. I mean, if you got a kid and you are currently typing something that resembles a naughty word, you surely do not want Google Instant to show search results based on that naughty substring that you are currently typing.

So do not be surprised if nothing happens while you are typing something. If you are aware of that dirty word and you still want to see results, you will have to manually press the SEARCH button in the search form in order to see results.

Google is struggling to prevent the text of offensive searches users have made in the past from jumping up in front of you when you are looking for something innocuous. I totally do not have any problem with this and I agree with Google Instant’s logic in this case. What do you think?

Last week Google announced Google Instant, a new feature that allows users access to real-time search results that appear as they type, rather than after they hit the ‘search’ button. It didn’t take long for Feross Aboukhadijeh, a computer science student at Stanford, to recognize that this feature would be even cooler if it were applied to YouTube.

Feross thought YouTube Instant would be pretty easy to rig up and bet his roommate that making real-time YouTube search could be done in less than an hour. Unfortunately, he was wrong. It actually took him three hours to finish the site, with additional time on top of that to polish the UI.

Aboukhadijeh said that though he ran into some issues when creating the site, these were easily resolved. Despite taking a little longer than he anticipated, his project was a hit and word of YouTube Instant spread like wildfire.

As if waking up to interview requests from the Washington Post wasn’t weird enough for Feross, YouTube Instant actually netted him a job offer from Google. A meeting has reportedly been scheduled with Hurley, YouTube’s CEO, at the YouTube HQ in San Bruno, California.

I’m not sure if all Google sites based on countries have already Google Instant working on them. In my case, my country’s .ph Google site does not have Google Instant in it. When the feature was announced, I kept trying to see if any search results would appear while I was typing. Nada. Pissed and confused, I just ignored it.

Then came a thought. I thought I would try doing it while in the site. Voila! It worked. If your Google’s URL points to your country’s region and Google Instant does not work, go to where ncr means “no country region” and you won’t be redirected anymore.

Then you can use Google Instant freely ;).

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