Wow! Apple really demoted the iPad Mini. Good luck to Apple fanboys wasting their money just to get any new gadget by Apple. Well, it is your money anyway so it is yours to waste too.

However, I ain’t going to buy some scrap device that is very expensive yet the hardware specs suck. You are better off with the iTouch.

The articles I had read about the iPad Mini stated that the hardware specs are the same as those of the iPad 2. Now, that means that the RAM is 512MB which stinks. No way am I wasting my money on this one.

I really planned to buy this one if the specs are worth it. Turned out disappointing.

I will wait next year to see if it will have Retina display and an upgrade of RAM. That will still depend because I bet they are going to upgrade it to just 1GB of RAM while other competitor tablets have way better hardware specs.

Yes, some people may say one does not really need a powerful device. If you only do Facebook that is :P. If one is into gaming, these specs are only good for a few months. Once a better device comes out with small upgraded hardware, new games that hog so much resources will run slow.

What about you? Any plans to get this one? I think you are better off getting the latest iPad instead.

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