I forgot to post this one in my blog when I found out lyrics can now be seen in iTouch’s firmware of 1.1.3. I’ve been wondering myself why Apple took a very long time to have this feature enabled. Actually even with the firmware 1.1.3 they never announced it. With this, we can finally sing a long while we listen to our favorite music.

Adding lyrics is an old feature of iTunes though. Just copy and paste it in the Lyrics tab of the music in iTunes when you select its properties. Now, we can finally make use of the lyrics. Keep in mind though, that this feature is not found in nano video or below. only with iPhone and iTouch. Searching for lyrics and pasting them one by one is a hassle though, but there’s a neat widget in Mac that actually fetches the lyrics for you when you play the music in your iTunes. The widget is called TunesTEXT. Pretty nifty, saves you all the trouble of finding the lyrics.

If you want all your mp3s to have lyrics, just leave your iTunes running. Once the next song plays, TunesTEXT automatically searches for the song and appends it into the mp3 file. Now, I can really say owning an iTouch is very much worth it. This was the number 1 feature that I wanted ever since iPod was created and it’s finally here.

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