Okay. So why did I call this lame? The RAM damn it! I was hoping they would boost it up to 1GB right away. Just because the iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM does not mean they had to lower the specs of the gaming device.

I mean, if that is so, why the hell did they jump the camera specs to 5MP? That is their decision, true. And my decision is I ain’t going to get this 5th generation iTouch because of the RAM issue.

If this was 1GB, I would definitely have bought one right away. But upon finding out that it only has 512MB of memory, screw Apple. I ain’t wasting my money on this one.

Having an apple gadget is pretty … wooooh. The elegance, the design, etc ;). Just dont talk about its specs and price. Why? Apple has this nasty habit of selling new stuffs containing hardware specs that are not so satisfying at an expensive price. After a few months.. whammo! you get a price drop.

Take the latest gadget as an example. the ipod touch was released late last year of 2007 (october i think). i bought one last november, a 16 gig ipod touch. Then just this month (february of 2008), they announce a 32gig version of it with a slight price gap than the 16 gig model. I know, i know.. why did i buy one knowing that apple does this all the time? it’s a cool gadget for one. and 16gig of space is good enough for me. i dont keep movies anyway so it’s alright. the problem will be if you want to keep lots of movies in it and you want your converted files not to have its quality degraded. the filesizes are awfully big if you are a quality freak.

my worst experience was with the very first model of the ipod. back then, it was only a 4gig model. i was so pissed when i got one because after a few months they slashed the price of the bigger capacity models to the same price as the 4gig model that i just got. my advice to you, if you want to buy an apple gadget/accessory or whatever. Make sure that you wont regret what you just bought and that your gadget will keep you contented for many years. check out the specs and see if it will suit your needs for many years. if not, have it upgraded (like in a laptop or desktop’s case). im not regretting the 16gig ipod touch that’s for sure. i already learned my lesson…

let’s hope the macbook air wont disappoint a lot of people too. its specs didnt impress me. yes, it’s attractive because it’s sooooo thin. but it doesnt have a dvd writer. you’d have to buy one as an accessory which means, added cost. thiiiin as in so thin which makes it gullible to damage. not only that, its introductory price is very very very expensive it’s not worth it. if you have the cash though, go get it.

what’s in store for me next? probably nothing.. i am very contented with my macbook and itouch… good for 10 years or more.. so id probably get a new ipod after 1 decade haha

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