Now, after seeing this video all I can say is I was impressed! But if it was really magic that Marco Tempest did, seemed unbelievable. Could it have been just a combination pre-recorded video and fast reflexes to move around his presentation?

Either way he did a tremendous job and I enjoyed watching every second of it. Check it out and tell me what you think.

How to transfer music from ipod to itunes? Now here is one software worth trying. Okay, so you say you have iTunes but that just sucks. iTunes is heavy and for transferring files to and fro, that software is not just worth it. It is downright heavy in resources compared to this one.

TouchCopy, available for download from is a simple and lightweight program that runs on PC or Mac, allows users to transfer content from their Apple device to their computer or iTunes. And when I say content, I mean music, playlists, podcasts, album art, ratings, play counts, everything.

Users can also backup all their music, movies and playlists at the touch of a button. Simple and quick. TouchCopy can even play iPod music and video through a computer without the need to have iTunes installed.
You can even use the software to enable your Apple device to be used as an external disk drive.

The software also enables photos and videos in your Apple Device to be viewed and copied to a computer or uploaded onto YouTube. You can even save games from the iPod to a computer or directly back into the iTunes library.

TouchCopy is not totally free. You can test run it for a free trial first. And at $24.99, it is not such a steep price considering the multitude of other features that you can do using this.