This game looked too good to be true at first. Marvel Future Fight features awesome graphics and a plethora of well known Marvel heroes and villains.

You start off with Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow going through each chapter level by upgrading skills, gears and so called ISO stones that give characters extra juice for either offense or defense capabilities.


I thought I could play this for free forever but it turned out after eclipsing chapter 2, things get a lot harder and it is utterly impossible to defeat even mobs because they can be of a higher level than your characters. Sucks. Each episode in a chapter also takes a long time to transition to next levels.

This bored me to death as I do not want to play all day but waste so many seconds just to transition to each level for every episode. Believe me. The various Marvel characters is really tempting so if your trigger happy fingers cannot keep off from purchasing items using real money to speed your character leveling up, then expect a very hefty bill come payment time.

The daily rewards do help but what annoyed me was the transition time it took to go to each screen. As I said, I used to enjoy this when I first started but as I progresses after 2 chapters I got weary on the waiting.

And hell no will I be tempted to purchase items using real money to speed things up :P. The game is around 1GB so it is pretty huge but the graphics and sounds are worth it.

The gameplay itself and how freemium is applied to it is another story …

Trust Iron Man to keep all your important data (e.g. movies, music, photos and files) safe and secure. Our Iron Man 2 USB Jump Drive is a flash memory data storage device that stores up to 4 GB with Marvel superhero style!

High speed USB 2.0 for fast data transfer that is compatible in any PC or Mac computer with USB support, this USB model has War Machine as well. Guess Disney did not want to waste the chance for a good and cute product just like the USBs of Transformers.

ironmanFrom Paramount Digital Entertainment, Iron Man : Aerial Assault brings Marvel’s tin can superhero to the iTouch featuring the same weaponry that we see in TV shows, comics and in the movie. The game makes heavy use of the accelerometer and touch functions are you go through trainings and missions.

Engage a variety of menacing enemies in mid-flight through a series of melee combat quick-time events. Battle through 12 levels as you hone your flying and shooting skills. Weapons of Iron Man include repulsor blasts, lasers, missiles and his patented Unibeam. You can fire weapons through the tap of your thumb.ironman

The game has good music and sound effects plus outstanding graphics although I had a hard time tilting my iTouch left and right while maneuvering Iron Man through enemies and motherships. Or maybe it is just me. I am not good with maneuvering Iron Man. Overall, this is a pretty good and decent game. You should check it out if you the game play suits your preference.

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