Nowadays, there’s a lot of talk about outsourcing. Some people are quick to dismiss it for vague reasons, citing shaky examples about how it’s unfamiliar territory when it comes to the world of IT. The truth is, however, that outsourcing IT services is something that can be extremely beneficial to all parties involved.

Outsourcing IT services can not only be beneficial, but the option is becoming more and more accessible to small business owners, with outsourcing companies like Acora offering options to help small businesses get started. If you want to provide your company with IT services that won’t break the bank but will still help you to accomplish all of your business goals, then consider these reasons as to why outsourcing IT can actually be extremely positive.

Drastically Reduces IT And Labor Costs

The biggest benefit of outsourcing your IT services is the dramatic reduction in IT and labor costs that companies and their owners will enjoy. The price of domestic IT services is on the rise, whereas outsourced services haven’t risen in cost over the past few years. For any start-up that is looking to save money as it grows and expands, outsourcing IT services can be intensely beneficial. Small businesses need to cut costs wherever possible if they want to thrive and eventually expand.

Don’t Sacrifice Quality

Many people are operating under the erroneous belief that you sacrifice quality when you outsource your IT services. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. Outsourced IT workers are just skilled and knowledgeable as any domestic workers. In fact, in countries like India and China, many IT workers are actually ahead of domestic workers in terms of education and expertise. Considering that companies save money outsourcing in the first place, the high quality workers are just icing on the cake. Plus, technical support is just as good as any domestic company’s, which can be essential if businesses ever run into any IT hiccups.

Eliminate One Area That A Company Has To Worry About

Companies, especially new companies, already have enough on their plates. One of the simplest ways to make the life of a business owner easier is to remove something that they have to worry about. Outsourcing IT eliminates the amount of work that has to be done in-house. This is one of the many reasons why outsourcing IT makes company owners’ lives just so much easier.

Be A More Competitive Organization

Small businesses can enjoy the same level of quality IT services that their larger competitors enjoy when they choose to outsource. The business world is intensely competitive and it can be hard for smaller organizations to rise to the top. However, when a small business has the same quality IT support as a larger competitor, the playing field is evened.

It’s best not to listen to the naysayers who paint outsourcing as some sort of evil. Instead, small business owners should view it as a phenomenal way to save money while still enjoying quality labor, especially were IT services are concerned. By outsourcing IT, small businesses can really level the playing field and enjoy IT services that rival those of their competitors.

Nearly all businesses today need to integrate information technology (IT) into the structure of the company.  The traditional method of building an in-house infrastructure is no longer the only option.  Managed service providers can take on all or part of the role of an IT department remotely.  While hiring a managed IT firm is a good alternative to an in-house IT staff, it is important to understand the pros and cons of using an outside service provider.

Pro:  Lower and More Predictable Overhead

One of the main advantages of manage IT is that it lowers overhead.  An in-house IT department requires a full staff, expensive equipment and constant maintenance.  Costs can rise or fall unexpectedly depending on hardware and software issues.  Managed services usually cost less than in-house departments.  Many even charge metered or set rates that are easier to budget because they are predictable.

Con:  Potential Security Concerns

A drawback of managed IT is potential security concerns.  The employees at the service provider have full access to business systems and data.  This can raise concerns about the security of financial or proprietary information when using the service.  Additionally, some businesses might have issues with security when managed IT is delivered through the cloud since data could pass through public networks.  It is a good rule of thumb that if you decide to use a managed services firm to do your research. It is important to verify that they are a reputable and well established company.

Pro:  Faster Problem Resolution

Managed IT provides faster problem resolution.  The constant monitoring of systems and servers allow providers to catch many issues before they become serious problems.  Additionally, any problems that do occur can be addressed fast by the professionals at the service.  The result is better reliability and more consistent uptime.

Con:  Vendor Lock-In Becomes Possible

A potential disadvantage is vendor lock-in.  This means a business becomes reliant on the proprietary systems or software used by the service provider.  Vendor lock-in can make it difficult to switch providers or migrate to another framework.  Vendor lock-in can actually be very costly to overcome if the service provider does not assist during migration.

Pro:  Information Technology Expertise

A difficulty that many companies face is finding new employees with the right type of IT expertise.  The labor pool in an area might contain no experienced database managers or network engineers.  The advantage of using managed IT services is that the expertise is already in place.  The service will have all the employees and knowledge necessary to start handling IT functions for the business right away.

Con:  Lack of Industry Knowledge

A final disadvantage is that a managed IT provider might not have any knowledge of the particular industry of a business.  This can happen with businesses that deal in industries like healthcare, law or logistics.  The lack of specific knowledge could make maintaining industry compliance very difficult.  It could also result in long delays when requesting service since the provider needs to learn about the industry.  Fortunately, many managed IT services do specialize in different industries.

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Today’s business involves IT heavily. While some may not put much resources into it, there will always be a part of it that relies of technology. As such, in today’s competitive business world – IT is king!

Having a good IT infrastructure running through the fabric of your company can be the difference between success and failure.

Time is money. The need to have one’s essential business processes to be working at an optimum level is critical to have it run as efficiently and quickly as possible. It is also vital to have IT support and technical proficiency immediately in case such problems may arise at any time and by fixing them as soon as possible can lead to increased productivity.

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