This is the best 1 liner answer I found in the Internet to check if an array’s item or value or however you may call it exists in another array.

Using the function array_intersect(), you can achieve this. User lorenzo-s from Stack Overflow gave this 1 liner code that did the trick.

Do note that array_intersect() is case sensitive.

Suppose your code for adding items to a Ext.carousel.Carousel in Sencha Touch looks like this

To add these same data dynamically, place the code within its initialize function and do your looping there. Check out this sample code.

Online bidding sites are fun. And addicting. But frankly, when a site has too many members I feel like I do not want to bid anymore because competition is stiff. I am not saying DealFun has very few members. In fact, there are many but I guess the quantity is not too much since I did get lucky on bidding some items a few occasions.

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How’s that?

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