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Smartphones are part of our everyday lives, right? I don’t think one can bear forgetting to bring their phone >with them. I always have the uneasy feeling that I am totally lacking something whenever I do not have my smartphone with me.

And everybody knows too much use of smartphone apps and games can lead to a quick battery drain hence a backup portable battery charger is very helpful to keep one’s smartphone running all the time.

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Its female USB port makes it universally compatible with all portable accessories. Add a built-in flashlight, and a thin aluminium casing, this item makes it look sleek.

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Okay. So why did I call this lame? The RAM damn it! I was hoping they would boost it up to 1GB right away. Just because the iPhone 5 has 1GB of RAM does not mean they had to lower the specs of the gaming device.

I mean, if that is so, why the hell did they jump the camera specs to 5MP? That is their decision, true. And my decision is I ain’t going to get this 5th generation iTouch because of the RAM issue.

If this was 1GB, I would definitely have bought one right away. But upon finding out that it only has 512MB of memory, screw Apple. I ain’t wasting my money on this one.

So the iPhone 5 finally debuted with a larger screen, which is what all of smart phone users need. Considering that the Apple brand is a luxurious one, it is weird that Apple took so long to realize that a big screen was necessary.

Marketing strategy? Nah. I knew firsthand when the first iPhone came out that it would be a hit. When the first iTouch came out, I was already impressed with it. I thought that if they could expand their first generation iOS to something more, the ability for developers to create apps and such, then this would be a worldwide hit.

And a hit it was. The iPhone’s hardware is nothing new. Many Android smartphone models have better ones. The factor for me is within the operating system itself. Apple did pave the way for the smartphone revolution to really take off but then they have been stagnant when it comes to innovation.

iOS is boring. Nothing new and the look stayed the same. They could at least show some more pizzazz by showing something new with the graphical user interface. Apple is lucky that so many fanboys still worship their gadgets as something from the heavens.

A smartphone’s success really lies in the apps. If there are no apps, a phone is just a phone, nothing more. Apple’s devices are hits because of the sheer number of apps that are developed daily by just about any developer.

Now … the iPhone 5 is a good product. So is the iTouch. But the Nano? Who the hell would buy that weird looking gadget when the price difference between an iTouch and a Nano is only $50. The Nano is a waste of money and environmental resources. Go get the iTouch. Its 5MP camera and CPU all the more makes it a tempting product.

What do you think?

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