Rejoice! There is a page rank update finally! I am thinking this is a major one since 3 of my blogs got a page rank boost. My travel blog went from 0 to 2, my personal blog went from 3 to 4 and my art blog went from 2 to 3.

I am hoping that my two other blogs which have 0 have not yet been processed by Google. I am actually expecting an increase of page rank in all of my blogs.

This blog maintained its ranking of 4 and I am still thankful for it even though I looked forward to getting a 5 but better this than 0 right? I really thought Google killed its page rank system. I have read that some sites had updates of their own but it was some sort of a minor update.

Since 3 of my blogs had page rank changes, I am thinking this is a major update that everyone has been waiting for. What do you think? Is this the major update that website owners have been waiting for? Did your blog or site get a page rank increase or a decrease? Share your thoughts.

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