Google rolled out an update to its Chrome Web browser on Tuesday, complete with an iTunes-style app store for the browser.

The Chrome Web Store features an array of games, Web tools, news apps and other features that can be incorporated with the browser after its new update.

In their blog post, they said the store will be featured prominently in Chrome, helping people discover great apps and developers reach millions of users around the world.

A quick look found a free version of the popular “Plants vs. Zombies” game. While there was a desktop theme for “Angry Birds,” that addictive smartphone favorite didn’t appear to be available yet.

There was a mix of free and paid apps. The store is currently available only in the United States, but Google said it will be rolled out to other countries in the coming months.

Google Instant, which shows results as the user types, has been added to the Omnibox — its combination browser and search box. Google also will roll out a revamp of Chrome’s Javascript engine, which the company says will load programs written with that language twice as fast.

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