Daz right folks! While jet packs were in shows and movies, you can experience flying with one now that Martin Jetpack will be selling it for 86,000$. Martin Jetpack is currently accepting inquiries from commercial customers for possible orders.

Constructed from carbon fiber composite, the Martin Jetpack weighs 250 lbs (excluding safety equipment) and is 5 ft high by 5.5 ft wide by 5 ft long. It runs on regular gasoline (no surprise there), can reach heights of 8,000 ft and has a maximum flight time of 30 minutes.

Not bad right? You can zoom up anywhere and 30 minutes is already a pretty long time for me and a long duration to really give me a good time. And the best thing? You do not need a pilot’s license ha ha! Well, not unless the government plans to regulate this and will require people who use jet packs to get a jet pack license or something. Let us see once these jet packs will officially be out in the market.

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