jewelquestheritageI have always been a fan of Jewel Quest ever since I first played this game. While there are many variations prior to this, they were more or less the same. While Jewel Quest Heritage does offer the same kind of game play, this time they introduce a few new features.

Solve over 175 boards and one puzzling family mystery on a topsy turvy quest through Europe’s ancient hot spots. Hit the trail with Rupert on a journey through the shrines and castles of Hernan Cortes’ lore. Swap jewels and collect puzzle pieces to unravel a perplexing web of Jewel Quest® family history.

There may be a story line here but it is really not crucial to clearing the game. I even skipped the text because I find it time consuming and inessential.

This game starts off as easy, then to medium level and challenging ones as you progress through the family tree. The good thing about this game is that you can choose which board you wish to play per portrait. As you clear each board, puzzle pieces will be given to you which you use to connect to other pieces to complete the portrait and new boards will then be available to you.


There was one thing that annoyed me though. I still do not understand how to clear boards with monkeys in it. It said to put the monkeys in the cage. So yes, all the cages are occupied by monkeys but I still could not clear the board.

If I did, I did not understand how. Also, when jewels animate being matched, the timer still runs. I had one case where it was just a split second before I could clear the board but time ran out because I had to watch so many jewel animations being matched. It was a waste of time and it took me quite some time to get a chance to clear that board again.

All in all, this is a good game. I just hated the board with monkeys because the instructions are not clear how to clear the board with them in it.

Jewel Quest is the only game that I found to be unique when it comes to Bejeweled type of games. The game is pretty simple. When you make a match, the tiles where the gems are located turn to gold. Turn all tiles to gold and the level ends. As you go deeper into the game, the level requires you to match the tiles twice since the 1st match turns it to silver, then to gold.

The Jewel Quest 2 in 1 Treasure Pack contains 2 games: Jewel Quest 2 and Jewel Quest Deluxe. I had played Jewel Quest 2 before and I thought the Deluxe version is a complete new game. It has some parts where the level requires you to play against the game but other than that, the game play more or less is the same. The sad part is that the Deluxe version has less content, simpler levels and bad graphics quality.

In a way I would describe the title of this game as just Jewel Quest 2. The good side though is that you get to play more levels playing it. Plus the Deluxe version enables you to share your high scores with Facebook Connect.

Check out the following features you can expect when you play the game:

Embark on a journey uncovering Africa’s hidden mysteries
• More than 50 new addictive puzzles
• Unlock magic power ups!
• Smooth touch screen controls

• Experience an exotic adventure across India filled with new characters, twists and surprises
• Dozens of challenging levels
• 4 new gameplay modes
• Challenge 8 opponents in riveting battles. Try to out-wit them all!
• Share the fun and your highscores with Facebook Connect

montezumaFirst things first. Before I go on describing what this game is all about, I want to give you one good advice. Read the HELP section first to understand how the game is played and what its tools (e.g. totems) can be used for.  I just finished the Treasures of Montezuma for iTouch game last night. Its game play is similar to that with Bejeweled but with a twist similar to that of Jewel Quest. You move gems vertically or horizontally and try to match 3 or more. The Jewel Quest twist here is that those games with a tiny gem inside them should be included in the match because for every level you are given a number of those kind of gems to be matched. There is a timer running so you would have to finish it before time runs out or else you would have to restart the level and try your luck again.

Of course,  as the game goes on and the more levels you get to play, your minimum number of these gems to match increases. Now how will you montezumaget to finish them in time right? Here is where its twist comes in. Treasures of Montezuma includes a neat feature wherein for every level (whether ordinary or special bonus level) you finish, you get to get a big gold star which you can use to upgrade a list of helpful tools to aid you in your game. Tools like totems that can increase time, blast other gems here and there, randomly paint gems into a different color and so forth. Just check the HELP section to know more details about it including how to activate a totem’s function. I thought the totems would just randomly  activate on its own in a specific set of time only to find out when I was almost near the end of the game (after reading the HELP section) that the totems can be activated if you match a set of gems at least twice. I always made sure I activated the orange totem as it gives you an additional minute to your time, thereby giving you more time to finish the level. If you get to match a different color, then the totem of that color will be ready for activation if you do a match of the same color again.

Overall this is a pretty neat game. The graphics is good I pretty much enjoyed playing this game. Also, I did find a little bug (not that I would call it a bug). If say, time is over and you did not finish the level, if you are not far off from finishing it, you can quit the game and run it again. You will find out that it goes back to the last level that you played and you can try to finish the game again. This can be tiring though but if you have the patience, go for it! Otherwise, just restart the level.

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