The Jitterbug cell phone is created by GreatCall, designed for ease of use and enabling users an easy way to stay connected to friends and family. This is why there are bigger buttons, large keypad, direct operator assistance and powerful speaker phone to among its attractive features.

While this phone can be used by anyone else, this was geared for seniors who need quick ways to do things with their phones as well as bigger text screens and louder speaker phones. The Jitterbug was actually featured on NBC’s Today show last January 20, 2011.

Jim Miller, the nationally syndicated writer of the Savvy Senior column, discussed the Jitterbug J senior cell phone as a great, affordable option for seniors. The phone was custom designed by Samsung and also features Bluetooth and called ID as well as easy access to all options with simple YES or NO questions.

I guess when seniors reach their age, they do not need high tech gadgets that have so many controls and features but are barely used. I would have to agree that the Jitterbug phone gets straight to the point and provides access to the most common things that people do with their phones: that is, text and call.

Go here to see the video of the Jitterbug J featured on The TODAY Show.

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