Er … not the kind of pleasure that you might be thinking. Technology has made things easier for us these days that even looking for jobs is as simple as 1-2-3. Job Hits has a very simple user interface that lets anybody look for jobs through keywords or by category.

It saves you a great deal of time to sift through various possible jobs available. Instead of checking them all out one by one, Job Hits can let you filter out those jobs that you are only interested with. Best of all, this service is free!

This is the beauty of online job search sites. Rather than doing it the old fashioned way, reading through newspaper postings, the Internet has provided many valuable tools and ways for people to look for their ideal jobs in just a few clicks. Plus, they are updated too so old postings usually do not appear in listings when the slots are taken. Just imagine how easy job searching is now compared to the old days. The most annoying thing with checking out the job ads in newspapers is that job postings are not categorized and displayed in a way that you can find the one you are looking for quickly.

Job Hits displays detailed information per job posting including description, requirements, contact information and some other generation information which includes base pay (the most important). I say most important because it is what a job seeker wants to know first hand before he or she decides to apply for the job.

For UK based people who specifically want to look for jobs based in the UK, they have a UK version of their job search engine so you may want to check that out. It filters job listings solely found in the UK which would make UK job seekers searching much faster and quicker. In reality, this is where the new site used to start from. It also has a sheer number of job postings and content so you may want to check that out.

Just be ready to have your resume on hand because once you see a job posting that piques your interest, Job Hits will ask for some information from you like name, email and your resume to submit it to the employer. After that, it’s the waiting game.

Use Job Hits to empower your job search. The search service is very easy to use and … it is free!

gcaClimbing up the corporate ladder is no easy task. You would have to be good at what you do. That also includes testimonials from referrals whom you have worked with. However, it does not work all the time if you do not present yourself visually well. Gillette commissioned a survey, conducted by Harris Interactive of more than 500 HR professionals and the results indicated that majority of them agree well groomed employees go up the corporate ladder faster than those who are not.

That means presentation is also vital when looking for a job. Guys should check out a guide site launched by Gilette called the “Gillette Career Advantage“. There, job seekers and professionals looking to get ahead can view tips and advice in the site, plus more from Mark Jeffries, a career expert and GQ style correspondent Brett Fahlgren.

They even have a Gillette Career Quiz that tests your job market know-how and a Hire Guide so you can get ideas what HR professionals really think and look for. This site is also not just for helping job seekers alone. You can share your own tips, advice and experiences so others can also benefit from them.

For more information about Gillette products or to review survey findings and obtain advice from grooming and career experts, visit the Gillette Resource Center.


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