Technology has influenced a lot of things and keyboards are one of them. No, not the computer Keyboards. I mean, those musical keyboards on musical instruments and the very instrument that one can think of right away is the piano.

While there are classical pianos, technology has evolved in so many ways that electric pianos in which short strings, metal reeds, tines or tone bars were used instead of long strings were introduced later on.

It did not take that long right? Man, how technology quickly bore fruit to electronic instruments thus paving the way for different types of music. There have been variations in the design of the keyboard to address technical and musical issues. One thing is certain, some may still like the instruments with classical keyboards while others like the electronic types since they are quite handy.

While it is true with chat conversations that people sometimes misinterpret messages that are all uppercase as people getting angry, imagine the horror that this person experienced because he accidentally turned on the caps lock on his keyboard and he is getting worried that his friends are getting mat at him because they thought he was shouting at them.

Hilarious though. I mean, who in the world does not know how to turn off the caps lock key? Maybe those who do not use computers? Maybe. But if one knows how to turn on the caps lock, one should be able to turn it off as well. After all, the light turns on whenever caps lock mode is on, right? Or maybe this conversation was meant as a joke hmmm? And the best answer by Charlie Baker was hilarious too.

vioguard_keyboardAfter reading an article about this, I thought to myself, the title is wrong. A keyboard that kills germs? It is the keyboard’s container that does the disinfecting so the title was misleading. Anyway, I wonder how much this costs.

The Vioguard keyboard is like any other keyboard, except it comes with a built in UV sanitizing system. Say what?!? Sanitizing system. Now that, is something. When it is placed within the container that comes with it, the keyboard will retract into the germ killing unit and the lid will close. Then the keyboard is subjected to 90 seconds of intense UV light. According to Vioguard, the system eliminates 99.99% of germs and viruses, even H1N1.

Recent advances in lamp and electronic ballast technology have made it possible to provide high power levels combined with long lamp life, which means that no matter how many months you use it for sanitizing, the bulb will last long. How much electricity usage this unit can consume, I have no idea though but if it does not consume much, then the better.

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