Kids Academy definitely knows how to make the right kids app. And that is to create visually stunning and brilliantly colored characters and environments that kids will notice right away as well as provide interactive activities that will make kids enjoy and have fun while also getting to learn as they play along.

Preschool and Kindergarten Learning Games Free ∙ ABC alphabet phonics, letters tracing & learn to read app. Montessori educational English language approach in reading (crosswords, sounds, song, spelling blocks, flash cards) for toddler by Kids Academy


Young kids 2 and below may not yet fully grasp how the app works but they sure enjoy looking at the colorful characters that make up this app as well as enjoy what happens next whenever they tap on the screen.

Older kids definitely get hooked to the various things they can learn like learning the alphabet by identifying each and every one of them. Parents definitely have a good medium through this app to help their kids understand better and quicker through interactive visuals.

Preschool and Kindergarten learning kids games for girls & boys ∙ Learn to read interactive ABC, alphabet tracing, phonics song with educational app based on Montessori match letter quiz & logical math puzzle games for toddler iPad free by Kids Academy


While this app has some gameplay that looks like its other app that focused more on alphabet phonics, this one has more reading, writing and math. Yes, kids love a challenge and this app pretty much sums it all up!

Children get engaged in interactive visuals designed to help mature their intellect, all while having a good time using the app!

Kids Academy • Best Kids Songs : Bingo ABC alphabet phonics. Fun educational nursery rhymes app with Karaoke music. Baby, Pre-K, Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten children learn English language through play games: animal flash cards and Sing Along.


I think the songs sound funny when you listen but I it’s actually cute especially if you get to hear your kids sing while they do their karaoke using the iPad. while kids apps help kids enjoy the kind of games that cater to their age, I recommend you to have this app installed in a tablet rather than a phone.

kids won’t enjoy much playing kids app on a small screen. They can’t appreciate fully the brilliant and colorful visual designs on the characters and environment.

And, you get to hear your kids sing karaoke for free too! 😉

These 3 apps may look alike in some ways, but they each have their own uniqueness that help kids learn to solve puzzles and challenges as well as give them the enjoyment that kids deserve when playing fun games. Be sure to check out these 3 apps.

In today’s world, times are hectic that there are many cases where parents are not as free as they used to be before, giving more than enough time to be with their kids and teaching them the things they need to learn as they grow up.

Today’s technology have helped parents in many ways. For one thing, I am sure you noticed how tablets and even smartphones have become common companions with children because they enjoy playing mobile games or use mobile apps catered to kids.

However, not all mobile apps appeal to kids. They have to be colorful, enjoyable to use and eye catching. After all, anything eye-catching is what grabs kids’ attentions quickly.

The Kids Academy is a creator of educational children’s mobile apps. They have received dozens of positive reviews and were top rated by Children’s Technology and Parent Reviews.

Getting this distinction is no easy task. But their secret is the fact that many of their staff are parents themselves so that alone is a huge turning point into creating the best mobile apps for kids. These people know where to start since they have kids themselves, they already have an idea what kids want.

Visit the Kids Academy portal and see all the apps that they have created over the years and the awards that they had garnered only bolstered them as

Although many grown ups might not realise it, games aren’t just for kids anymore. With new technology opening new worlds of entertainment and modern takes on our classic board games released every year, there is more choice than ever when it comes to grown up gaming. Here is a quick guide to the best kinds of games out there that will keep any adult entertained for hours!

Computer games

Although many adults are gamers and enjoy spending a few hours on their favourite console games, when it comes to grown-up fun, why not try some of the great group games available? Many consoles now have accessories that allow you to play quiz games through your TV, focusing on sport, films, music or general knowledge. There are also movement games designed for more-able bodied gamers with bowling, tennis and even hula-hooping games available.

Online games

If you have a tablet or smart phone in particular, you can enjoy online gaming on the go. You can download apps that let you play games with your friends over the internet or with people across the
world. For those looking for some extra excitement, there are also some great online cash games available, where you can win super jackpots from the comfort of your own sofa.

Board games

Traditional and still one of the nation’s favourite kinds of games, board games have kept our families entertained for years. Dust off your old favourites such as Monopoly or Trivial Pursuit, or get yourself on of the more modern varieties and get everyone together for a night of gaming fun. And, the best thing about board games is that they don’t require batteries or electricity, so even during a power cut, you can still have hours of fun together.


Whether you’re on your own or with a friend, puzzle games not only give you plenty of entertainment but they also keep your mind sharp and active. Play on a hand-held computer console or go old-fashioned with a puzzle book and get those mental juices flowing.

Teaming up with a loved one can be great fun for the tougher challenges, while spending a few hours alone on a puzzle can be a great way to de-stress.

Nostalgia games (aka games that are really for kids!)

Let’s face it; children’s games have a tendency to be a lot more fun than grown up games, so why should you miss out just because you’re an adult? Gather your friends together one night and enjoy a blast from the past with games such as Twister, Hungry, Hungry Hippos and Connect 4 and in no time at all you’ll be whisked back to your childhood.

Sharing these kinds of games with friends is a wonderful way to spend some quality time together and make the fun last all night, especially when accompanied by good food and a bottle or two of wine!

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