Layered Tech complies to the highest standard in bring world class services becoming the first hosting company in the world to earn the distinction of becoming PCI DSS complaint for managed services.

Through its unprecedented data security capabilities and their extensive experience with PCI compliant hosting have helped enterprises across the globe achieve regulatory compliance quickly and smoothly.

PCI DSS compliance is another matter. Unless you want to tackle it yourself, it can consume time and capital. However, leaving this issue to the experts is a better solution considering that PCI DSS compliance is one complex topic.

In turn, using Layered Tech’s services, your company can gain a highly secure, closely scrutinized system environment. You also get to receive comprehensive IT administration from a dedicated, proactive team of data security experts and the assurance that your customers’ data and transactions carefully monitored and protected all the time.

Layer 4 managed services also feature Layered Tech’s Compliance Guaranteed SLA, the first of its kind in the industry at no additional cost. This guarantees the PCI compliance hosting that clients will get will pass every IT audit or assessment sanctioned by the relevant industry or regulatory entity.

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