I came upon this error when my app called getLeaderBoardIntent() in the Games.Leaderboards class, signed out of it and called the method beginUserInitiatedSignIn() of the custom GameHelper class.

What is weird is that if I call isSigned(), is still returns true even though I already signed out.

What you can do to solve this is to capture the event when the user signed out by adding code within the onActivityResult() of your Activity class.

That should do it.

Well … who knew? Not even I expected this. My guild mate told me about it so I checked to verify and there saw my name in last place of the top 25 of sorcerer character players.


Temporarily … ha ha! I looked at it today and did not see my name anymore but hey, it was good while it lasted. And I figure to reach #10 if they update the list again because I just finished the 90 second Hauntlet Run achievement but it looks like the leaderboard list is not updated real time.

This is a really good game and I had been writing about this for like 4 posts now. If you have not played this game, play it! It is free! You do not need to spend anything unless you want to open all achievements than you have no choice but to buy some since those free platinum coins are not enough to open all achievements in a short span of time.

Oh yeah, if you do not have a guild yet, look for Arcanian Hooligans! Great guild!


Update: I went up to #11 the next day. LOL. Not bad.



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