If you are using 3rd party libaries in your project, there is no sense in obfuscating, minifying or optimizing the classes using ProGuard.

You need to manually exclude them by adding commands in the ProGuard file or else your app may crash and give you Exception messages that are confusing.

In my case, I always got the ExceptionInInitializer which really had me dumbfounded because it worked in Eclipse.

The difference though was that I did not use ProGuard in Eclipse so that took me a while to figure out the cause.

Once I realized it, it was easy to fix the problem. To exclude libraries from ProGuard, check the ancestor package names of the classes, then do it like this:

I hit a roadblock on this one. I thought that all I needed to do in order to be able to use the Android support library was to do the same way how I add JAR files to my project in Eclipse.

Turned out for this one, it was not the case.

The solution to this problem is to add the support library in your Eclipse project by doing this step:

That is all you need to do. Just read through the install wizard and install the Android Support Library. The latest version will most likely pop out of your window screen.

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