Laser World should be your first stop when you are looking for rental laser systems, laser control software or any other accessories that you may need for dazzling special effects.

Renting laser systems is much more cost effective because you only need to use them on those certain events and occasions. YOu do not have to worry about maintenance and/or repairs. If something breaks, it is the supplier’s responsibility to provide their customers with working and durable laser systems for rent.

To see is to believe, right? Check out their catalog of laser light systems. Not all of them are for rent. Some, if you want to buy laser light systems are readily available for purchase.

Make sure you drop by their online portal if you want to show laser presentations to your audience.

I based this code from Nir’s C# code (owner of NBD Tech). His solution was the best and accurate that I could find compared to other existing methods that checks if a Java Color object is considered dark or light. That is the only tricky part (and vital) in order to identify what foreground color (white or black) should be used depending on the background.

See image for sample:

And the Java code below.

The getBrightness() method returns a value from 0-255 where 0 is darkest and 255 is brightest. I purposely set my preferred threshold at 130 to indicate that the color be considered dark while any value above 130 is considered light. You can change your threshold to whatever value suits your taste.

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