This one is tricky as it is rare you get to notice the link change in a not so well known area that users tend to hover their mouse cursor on.

Check the time of the Facebook post. Hover your mouse cursor on top of it.

You should be able to get the Facebook link associated to that wall post in the timeline.

The data that we keep keeps growing every day. Even bookmarks can be cluttered when there are so many of them even if you organize them into folders.

But even bookmarks can not be pleasing to look at. I came across service that organizes URLs that you categorize is important on one minimal personal startpage.

It loads fast, accessible anywhere and best of all, free of annoying ads. It is simply just that.

Now, make sure you register for an account so the start page can save your important URLs. You should be able to get around the site pretty quick. I mean, I am not much of a techie and I was able to use it quite easily so I am sure that if I found it easy, for sure you will too!

Organizing is pretty simple. Just add to add a URL or delete an existing one if you do not like it anymore. Easy as 1-2-3.

Look, I am not kidding. Visit Yourls so you can check it out and see what I mean.

The look and feel is pretty simple right? Pleasing to look at and not so cluttered. A site that can overdo its theme can discourage users. Go check it out and leave comments here on what you think.

This is a pretty common problem among newbies of Sencha Touch and I am sure that in your controller class, you used the component’s id to get a reference to it.

True, that way works but once the view is removed or hidden and destroyed, the link between the view and controller also is lost.

In my case, I overrode the initialize method of the view. Once I removed it and re-added it to the viewport, the function did not run anymore.

The culprit is due to the fact that I used the view’s id to get a reference to it.

To avoid this problem, it is best to use the xtype path to the component you want to get a reference of.

This means that the controller gets a reference to an class that contains an Ext.Toolbar with an Ext.Button in it with id mybutton. This is much better than just using id because it is more specific considering that you specified the exact path to the component.

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