I have always wanted to buy a Nintendo DS Lite because of Mario. But until now I have never bought one because I still feel that the price is very expensive. When I went home for Easter, my aunt accidentally left her Nintendo DS Lite in our house so it was the perfect chance for me to play some games.

There was no Mario so I tried all the other games instead like Metal Slug and Ice Age 3. Sadly, I was disappointed with the graphics. The game play was not so challenging too and the top screen was just plain useless. I know some games do make use of the other screen but I somehow find it annoying instead.

I already saw a Super Mario game before when a friend of mine played it and even that game I was not so impressed with the graphics. I just liked it because it is Mario. All games are good when it’s Mario. But that is just me. What also annoyed me was that there is no joystick head like in the PSP. I had an uncomfortable time moving characters around. The PSP experience is much better.

We all have different preferences. After that short stint of playing a DS Lite with my bare hands, I feel like my PSP is a much better investment that a Nintendo DS Lite.

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