Translation and localization services are nothing new these days. However, as clients we do look for certain aspects like pricing and how result oriented the company handling the services is. Truth be told, there are many of these companies that offer these services.

So the question is, which one? I will get straight to the point. I am not going to tell you to go straight to QT and hire their services since that would be some sort of bias, I am going to point out the things I like about their services based on my experience which can help you with your decision if you want to hire their services or not.

Fair enough?

There is more to localization that meets the eye. Language relies not only on the accuracy of the biomedical translations, but also on its compatibility to the target culture, the consistency of its look and feel and its local usability.

Let me put it in simpler terms. Localization requires global knowledge, local insight, experienced personnel and professional tools and methods. Sounds complex? A bit. Even I believe that only the experts who focus in this field ought to do the job.

Those who simply have no idea may just screw things up.

At first I was apprehensive with QT. Then again, because of well known companies who are already in their clientele list, I thought they are legit.

QT assigns the right translator for their client’s needs as evidenced when I specifically mentioned the kind of language requirement I needed in my case. The processing time it took for delivery was right on target too.

In short, I was impressed. It is no wonder why big companies like HP, SafeNet, Citibank and others rely on QT for their translation and localization company services. You should check them out to start with. I tell you, you will be satisfied.

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