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Tending to your lawn is hard work. And it is not easy. However, thanks to technology, inventions like the Scotts® Snap® Spreader System makes our lives easier. This no mess, no guess spreader system is very easy to use because for one thing, there are no settings required. The system auto sets the proper flow rate.

Its unique EdgeGuard feature keeps your product where you want it to be, on your lawn where it is supposed to be. No cutting, no opening and no pouring of heavy bags.

I must say, this is pretty revolutionary. How so? If anything can help take care of my lawn without as so much make a mess of it, that is revolutionary to me. If it worked for me, it should work for you.

And when you are done, its Snap Pac self seals upon removal which makes it easy to store anywhere. And the size, well, you have to see it to believe it. It is no more half empty bags on the garage floor. Amazing, right?!

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While it is true with chat conversations that people sometimes misinterpret messages that are all uppercase as people getting angry, imagine the horror that this person experienced because he accidentally turned on the caps lock on his keyboard and he is getting worried that his friends are getting mat at him because they thought he was shouting at them.

Hilarious though. I mean, who in the world does not know how to turn off the caps lock key? Maybe those who do not use computers? Maybe. But if one knows how to turn on the caps lock, one should be able to turn it off as well. After all, the light turns on whenever caps lock mode is on, right? Or maybe this conversation was meant as a joke hmmm? And the best answer by Charlie Baker was hilarious too.

keyThere is a saying that locks can be unlocked and that is what Bump Key Shop offers to customers. If you do not know what a bump key is, it is actually an old locksmith’s trick that has become pretty common nowadays. Because of this, any lock can be bumped and opened in a few seconds. Pretty impressive. Just like what you see in the movies right?

Bump Key Shop has been in service for the past 3 years and this shows just how valuable and famous their bump keys are as a useful tool to help bump locks be opened. All keys are made of the highest quality and are cut with extreme accuracy by computer controlled code cutting machines.

You can purchase any of their bump keys at affordable keys. To see some of their sample bump key sets like this kwikset bump key, check out the site and see that each item is displayed in detail complete with visual photos, information and specifications so you will know exactly how they look like. If you want to open locks with ease, just head on to Bump Key Shop and get one.

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